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This online bid is designed to make your life easier, but is unfortunately unable to take every factor into consideration. We must however note that the numbers quoted are all based on the information You will be providing us in our smart form (which we will hold on record) and that if there is a deviation from those numbers, we must charge accordingly and all Quotes are subject to TAX.

Our online bidding system is incapable of bidding anything that is above and beyond regular cleaning services. All bids produced by this system are subject to change, although we try not to whenever possible. Factors such as extra ladder work, heavy soiling, mineral deposits, weak or fragile landscaping, interior access, previously damaged or worn out screens or gutters, or anything else that we are unable to factor into this sight-unseen bid which might affect the price will have to be taken into account, if need be, at the time of service– but before the service commences.

You saved yourself time. You saved us gas & time. And this whole process has helped the environment. We consider that when we are making these adjustments and only do so when it is absolutely necessary and with great consideration.

Our mission is NOT to bait and switch. Here at Houston window cleaning we believe in being honest and upfront with our clients, so We just thought it is only fair that we let you know that!

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